Marketing Tests 101 — Make The Most Of Your Ads By Testing In Real Life

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Testing, it’s not just for websites. Optimizing your app — and your marketing campaigns — is crucial to success in a more competitive app market than ever before. Even a small change in user experience can have a significant impact on conversion rates, so it’s important to test what works, and what doesn’t.

You can test different elements of your mobile app, ads in a visual form and text form, or different pricing strategies. With the help of testing, you can understand your users’ behavior, see the elements your potential users focus on, and what’s working for different audiences of your app. So that you can figure out the most compelling and successful ads and pricing strategy for your app, and use your budget, time, and efforts in this way.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing for mobile apps is done by segmenting an audience into two (or more) groups homogeneously and seeing how a variable affects user behavior by applying different versions of the variable to different segments. It is used to identify the best possible user experience and deliver the best possible results.

A/B testing is used to test your marketing approach, but the concept itself is simple: you split your traffic into two or more groups and modify a given aspect about one of these groups in order to learn which one performs better. There are many possible ways to use A/B tests for your marketing. You could test button color, form layout, ad copy, or even the price of your product and learn which variant drives more sales — all without losing money in the process.

Testing Google Text Campaigns

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As Google Ads states, “Use ad variations to test and iterate creative messages.” It’s important to test out different text combinations, and see which ones are more engaging and converting. Testing will show you how you can showcase your app’s unique qualities, find the audience that needs your product, and will respond to your ads.

A Google text ad has a headline and description. The headline is 30, and the description is 90 characters. And a Google text ad set has five headlines and descriptions.

You can test the length of your text ads, which call to action to use, or the language and tone you use in your ads. Google usually gains learning on the text ads in three weeks or more. After the learning period, you can see which text ads are successful from your Google Ads account. Google displays the results for each text as “Best”, “Good” or “Low”. And you can continue to use “Best” and “Good” ones or create similar ads for your next campaign.

Also, make sure to test your ads in a specific period of time. And the ad variations should be different, but similar enough to see and learn from the difference, as Google Ads states.

Testing Google Display Ad Campaigns

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Testing is a good way to measure the effectiveness of display advertising. There are many approaches that can help you get better conversion rates with display advertising and one of them is A/B testing.

As a result, you can see a significant increase in your conversion rates, understand the behavior and likes of your target audience, create a better design for your future Google display campaigns, and reach higher results and revenue.

For testing display ads for Google, you can rotate ads indefinitely, and try different fonts, colors, contrasts, sizes, and background images. As well as two different display ads for two different display ad content can be created so that your content and visual strategy can complete and harmonize each other. Just like in-text ads, Google shows the result of display ads as “Best”, “Good” and “Low”. And you can continue with the best or good ones and also create your next campaign based on the most converting display ads.

App Store Tests

When it comes to running ads in the Apple Search, things are fairly simple- you create campaigns and ad groups and specify from where you want your products to be promoted.

You can create different variants for your app screenshots. From your App Store Connect account, click on “Add Creative Set” and add your different App Store Preview (App Screenshot) designs from here. You can add two different creative sets and test which one converts the best.

The app screenshots you created for the test, will be displayed on Apple Search Ads. You can see different results such as Impressions, Taps, Installs, and TTR (Tap-Through-Rate) and see how successful your creative sets are.

You can also discover the problem areas on your screenshots. For example, if you have a high rate of taps but a low rate of installs, your creative set might be eye-catchy, but cannot explain the app accurately. The key is to display a creative set with a high conversion rate, that attracts users, explains the app really well, and encourages them to download the app.

Marketing tests require organization, planning, methods, tools, expertise, budget, and time. If you have a hard time conducting marketing tests and making the most of your ads, you can work with a professional team to maximize results. The marketing team of Cherry can work with your app, organize marketing tests and help you reach the best results without spending your money or time. To discover the world of Cherry and how the partnership model works, reach out to us or submit your app and learn more.


Conducting marketing tests is one of the best ways to improve your conversion rates for the long term. Through testing, you can find the mix of elements that influence customer behavior and improve on them by trying out different options. This means that you’re getting results faster, with less effort, thanks to the data provided in your testing tools.

Whether you’re optimizing your advertisement strategy or experimenting with app update text, marketing tests will provide a clearer picture of how to improve your conversion rates on each individual element.

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