Remarketing: Expand Your Revenue & Users With This Thriving Marketing Strategy

4 min readApr 6, 2022

Have you ever wondered why people leave your app page, without taking any action? They might have been confused, maybe they kept researching, delaying their action, or couldn’t make up their mind yet.

Remarketing or retargeting is an act of reaching out to these visitors again. With this digital marketing strategy, the visitors who’ve left your app page without making any action will see the ad for your app. Your product will come to their mind and remind them of the app they’ve previously visited with the retargeted ads.

In this article, we will explain how you can take this digital marketing action in Google Ads and Apple Search Ads for your mobile app.

Why Remarketing Is Beneficial?

This digital marketing strategy is a cost-effective and successful technique to try.

  • The Average CTR for Retargeting Ads is 10 Times Higher than Regular Display Ads.*
  • It has a 1,046% efficiency rate over other ad placement strategies.*
  • 68% of marketing agencies and 49% of brands have a dedicated budget for retargeting.*
  • 65% of online viewers notice & consider ads showing products they viewed from another page.*

Considering that the studies and metrics support Remarketing strategy, it’s a great way to help people stay connected with your product and it’s cost-effective.

Remarketing On Google Ads

Google Remarketing is an advertising model, using the Google Ad network, which enables you to reach your site’s visitors on other websites. When a user visits your website, Google remarketing code on the page adds them to your remarketing list. As the user visits other websites that use the Google Ad network, they are served your ad. When customizing your remarketing lists, you can prioritize new or returning customers.

In this way, Google lets you refine your remarketing audience and you can focus on converting new or past visitors or both. Remarketed pop-ups are advertisements or follow-up messages you send to prospects via email that saw your ads earlier.

On Google Ads, you can retarget your ads in the Display Network campaigns.

How To Retarget Your Ads For Mobile Apps On Google Ads

1. Open the audience manager section in your Google Ads account, and click on the remarketing section. Select “App Users” and continue.

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2. Select which type of users you want to reach.

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3. Select the iOS or Android platform, and how recently people used your app.

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Remarketing On Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads also allows marketers to make a remarketing strategy. You can see the “Returning User” section in the audience refinements, and Apple works on two different scenarios to return your users.

1- Users who’ve previously downloaded your app
2- users who’ve downloaded your app to another device

ASA shows both of these users as returning users in the reporting of your ads.

If customers already have the app, they’ll see a [OPEN] button. If the app isn’t present on the specific device they’re using, they’ll see a redownload icon.” as Apple explains. Adding returning users to your app campaign is a beneficial strategy and a high potential move for your app.

Unlike Google Ads or Facebook Ads, (which work with a Cost-Per-Install, or CPI model) this platform works with a Cost-Per-Tap (CPT) model. This means that every time a potential user taps on your ad after a keyword search, you need to pay Apple.*

Though this ad platform doesn’t have advanced targeting options for Retargeting, you can reach a high number of installs and revenue, if you can apply a proper keyword strategy.*

Knowing the user’s intent with keywords and controlling your budget may be a hard task if you’re just starting out to market your app. As Cherry, we’ve created several app retargeting app campaigns for different mobile apps and helped them reach more users. Click here to reach us, and learn how we can help you with our partnership model.

Remarketing is a powerful tool to keep your brand at the top of your potential customers’ minds. If these people are actively looking for an app that matches your app, you can remind them of it through ads. As a result, they may revisit the app page in Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and even download and use your app.

You can add this method to your app marketing strategy, and try remarketing campaigns yourself or with the help of a professional team, who will handle every detail and apply all the unrivaled methods they’ve tried and succeed. If you’re not a professional marketer and need to have your budget and time under control, Cherry can help you to make this effort and reach maximum results.

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